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How to Recognize the Signs That Mom May Need Help

These past couple of weeks, have you noticed . . .

  • that the grass sparkles with frost in the morning (and your car’s windshield!);
  • that a cup of hot chocolate is welcome after spending time outdoors; and,
  • that store flyers are filled with snowblowers, shovels, and warm clothing?


These are some of the many signs telling us that winter is just around the corner. As with the change in seasons, little signs in life may also be indicative of larger issues. Perhaps you are also noticing signs that you may soon need to step in to help your mom?

  • Mom has always been conscientious about paying her bills as soon as they arrive but you’ve noticed reminder notices among the envelopes on the table by her front door.
  • Mom accuses you of not telling her about an upcoming doctor’s appointment even though you mentioned it to her yesterday and the doctor’s appointment card is posted on her fridge.
  • You dropped in on Mom last Saturday to see if she needed anything and found her reading in the living room while a pot was boiling over on the stove.

These are signs which shouldn’t be ignored. The first question you need to ask is does your mom have up-to-date Powers of Attorney – one for property and another for personal care.  If your mom’s situation deteriorates further, she may need help with her financial affairs and in making personal care decisions.

Over the next few blogs, I will explore the differences between the two types of Powers of Attorney and offer some tips for those who are already or who may be required to act as a Power of Attorney.

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