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Estate Planning

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Summary Helpful collection of links devoted to Estate Planning
Published 2015

Estate Planning

The following links will provide you with some resources to help you prepare for your initial meeting with our office:

Do I Need a Will?

Saving Probate Fees

How Can Trusts Help Me and My Family?

What Happens to Daisy? – Planning for Your Pet

Young Beneficiaries

Who Will Care for a Child If the Parents are Gone?

Information About Powers of Attorney

If you are a Business Owner or have an interest in a private corporation…

Succession Planning for Small Business

If you have a beneficiary with a Disability…

Providing for a Family Member with a Disability

General Information for Recipients of ODSP

Gifting to ODSP Recipients

If you are Divorced, in a Second Marriage or Living Common Law…

Separation and Divorce – Estate Planning Concerns

Marrying Again or Living Common Law