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The Top Three Apps I’m Most Thankful For

On this day of thanks, I thought I would share with you the three apps I am most thankful for.

Battery Indicator

This is one of my most recent tech utility discoveries and, perhaps, one of the best. It gives you a visual graphic in the taskbar showing (just glance at it – no mousing over it) the amount of time left on your laptop battery.  Over time,  laptop batteries will become incapable of holding a charge if you always have them plugged into the wall. The beauty of this application is that because you can see exactly how much time is left, you can run the battery down and just plug in before it goes totally dead, thus prolonging the life of your battery.

SyncToy 2.1

This easy-to-use, free synchronization tool allows you to effortlessly copy, move, rename, and delete files between folders and computers. This enables you to keep folder contents identical across an entire network. This application is useful if you don’t always work on the same computer or even in the same location (i.e., home, cottage, airplane, etc.) and especially if you sometimes work in places with no internet connection. Synctoy allows you to have the latest version of everything on your office computer in a handy pocket drive (which are now inexpensive and very portable).Visit more information and to download.



TripIt is a useful free application that allows users to track and share trip details. It can be used anywhere that you have an internet connection and can also be installed on your Blackberry, iPhone or Android.  Once you have opened your TripIt account (go to, you can manually enter details of  trips; however, you can also email your itinerary exactly as it was emailed to you to– any itinerary or confirmation of flight, hotel, car rental, etc. will do.   With amazing accuracy, TripIt is generally able to plug the information into the right spots.  You can selectively give other people access to trip details and it can also insert maps, weather information and other details into each trip.  It is invaluable for having a ready reference of all trip details available on a Smart phone.

I will be sharing more of my favourite apps as well as other useful technology tips for opening your law practice at the Law Society’s upcoming ‘Opening your Practice’ conference on October 18. If you are in the midst of or are planning to open your own practice, this is a must-attend event. It promises to be an exciting, information filled day. Visit for registration information.

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