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Federal Budget Announces Changes to RDSPs

will power of attorney stittsvilleAre you and/or someone in your family living with a disability and wishing to save for the future? Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSPs) are one of the newest (although they have been around since 2008) and most evolving tools at your disposal. The Federal’s Government’s latest budget announced a number of welcome changes to the program.

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Navigating Extracurricular Activities

family law lawyer kanataOne of the biggest issues some separated parents have to deal with is their child’s extracurricular activities. These activities can range from team sports to music lessons to martial arts and everything in between. Today’s busy child may be involved in multiple activities and have a schedule that rivals that of the CEO of a large enterprise. Unfortunately, parents often bring their own disputes to bear upon these activities. In such cases, the one that suffers the most is the child.
Parents often have different views and opinions regarding their child’s talents and how best to nurture these talents. We sometimes encounter the situation where the parent who did not register the child in the activity wants nothing to do with the activity at all.

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November is ‘Make a Will’ Month!

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Do you have a valid, up-to-date Will?

Did you know that November is ‘Make a Will’ month in Ontario? This is an initiative by the Ontario Bar Association to encourage Ontarians to take the necessary steps in making sure they have a valid, up-to-date Will.
Recent surveys reveal a staggering fact: just over half of all Canadian adults do not have a Will. Unfortunately, these studies generally don’t delve into the reasons why so many Canadians put their estate planning on the back burner.

Why do so many Canadians not have Wills?

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Grandparents’ Rights

family lawyer kanataOne of the questions that is asked most often by grandparents is “What are our rights to our grandchildren?”.  The most common answer by a family law lawyer is “It depends”.
Grandparents do not, as a whole, have rights when it comes to their grandchildren as it is a parental decision. However, in many circumstances the grandparents may have rights due to the relationship established with the grandchild(ren).  Even parents do not necessarily have rights, as rights belong to the children.

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Persona Law Group Has Grown!

Just as the Stittsville neighbourhood that Persona Law Group is proud to call home is growing by leaps and bounds, so too are we.
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Please join us in welcoming, and allow us to introduce you to, Daniel Therrien [1]. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience. Persona Law Group has expanded our practice areas to better serve our clients and their legal needs.

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Another Celebrity Dies Without a Will

kanata estates lawyerLast week the world said goodbye to one of its musical legends, the incomparable Aretha Franklin. Just days after her funeral, reports began surfacing that she had in fact died without leaving a last will (called dying ‘intestate’). In this respect, she joins a surprisingly long list of celebrities who have died without a will including Michael Jackson, Prince, and Jimi Hendrix, just to name a few.
Whenever we hear of yet another celebrity dying without a will, we are reminded that the importance of having a will cannot be overstated. And so we take this opportunity to once again reiterate some of the many reasons why you should ensure you have a valid, up to date will.

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