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Canada’s First National Dementia Strategy Released

will powers of attorney kanata“Like many Canadians, dementia is personal for me”, shared Minister of Health Ginette Petitpas Taylor in her recent tweet. Based upon the experiences of our clients, we can attest that this is a statement echoed by many, many Canadians. A few days later, on June 17, 2019, the Federal Government, through its Public Health Agency of Canada, released its first national dementia strategy entitled “A Dementia Strategy for Canada: Together We Aspire” (the ‘Strategy’).

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Keys to a Stress-Free Closing Day

estate planning lawyer stittsvilleAre you buying or selling in Ottawa this year? Our clients have been sharing their stories of multiple offer situations and houses being sold for well over asking. Surely not a situation for the feint of heart. There are some ways that you can make your buying or selling experience, particularly for the day of closing, go as smoothly as possible.
As a buyer, Closing Day is the day when you finally receive the keys to your new, or ‘new to you’, house, and when you provide the funds for the amounts owing towards the purchase of the house. As a seller, Closing Day is associated with moving out of the place you called your home for some period of your life and receiving the equity you have built up and possibly paying off one or more mortgages secured against the property.
For both sellers and buyers, Closing Day, and the days leading up to the big day, can be confusing.

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Federal Budget Announces Changes to RDSPs

will power of attorney stittsvilleAre you and/or someone in your family living with a disability and wishing to save for the future? Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSPs) are one of the newest (although they have been around since 2008) and most evolving tools at your disposal. The Federal’s Government’s latest budget announced a number of welcome changes to the program.

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Navigating Extracurricular Activities

family law lawyer kanataOne of the biggest issues some separated parents have to deal with is their child’s extracurricular activities. These activities can range from team sports to music lessons to martial arts and everything in between. Today’s busy child may be involved in multiple activities and have a schedule that rivals that of the CEO of a large enterprise. Unfortunately, parents often bring their own disputes to bear upon these activities. In such cases, the one that suffers the most is the child.
Parents often have different views and opinions regarding their child’s talents and how best to nurture these talents. We sometimes encounter the situation where the parent who did not register the child in the activity wants nothing to do with the activity at all.

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November is ‘Make a Will’ Month!

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Do you have a valid, up-to-date Will?

Did you know that November is ‘Make a Will’ month in Ontario? This is an initiative by the Ontario Bar Association to encourage Ontarians to take the necessary steps in making sure they have a valid, up-to-date Will.
Recent surveys reveal a staggering fact: just over half of all Canadian adults do not have a Will. Unfortunately, these studies generally don’t delve into the reasons why so many Canadians put their estate planning on the back burner.

Why do so many Canadians not have Wills?

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Grandparents’ Rights

family lawyer kanataOne of the questions that is asked most often by grandparents is “What are our rights to our grandchildren?”.  The most common answer by a family law lawyer is “It depends”.
Grandparents do not, as a whole, have rights when it comes to their grandchildren as it is a parental decision. However, in many circumstances the grandparents may have rights due to the relationship established with the grandchild(ren).  Even parents do not necessarily have rights, as rights belong to the children.

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