divorce family law lawyer kanata

“Divorce Day”?

divorce family law lawyer kanata
In the U.K., the first Monday back from the Christmas holidays is what is know as “Divorce Day”. This is the day when lawyers report seeing increases in inquiries about getting a divorce. As Canada is not immune to high rates of divorce, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that this trend happens here as well. As the holiday season is fast approaching, we want to remind readers of the Estate planning steps that are necessary post separate or divorce.

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Judges and Masters’ Thoughts on Estate and Family Law

will estate familyPersona Law Group has always been, and will always be, about the quality of our work and the personal approach we bring to each of our clients. As part of our ongoing efforts to keep apprised of the latest developments in estates and family law, last month, one of our team members attended an insightful event, kindly organized by the Canadian Bar Association. At the event entitled ‘Dinner with Your Honourable Ottawa Estates Judges’, Judges and a Master of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice shared their valuable observations to lawyers, in order to save the clients’ they serve valuable time and money.
Our Persona Law Group team members strive to provide our estate planning clients with comprehensive Wills and Powers of Attorney documents that will become a true gift to loved ones left behind.

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family law lawyer kanata

Navigating Extracurricular Activities

family law lawyer kanataOne of the biggest issues some separated parents have to deal with is their child’s extracurricular activities. These activities can range from team sports to music lessons to martial arts and everything in between. Today’s busy child may be involved in multiple activities and have a schedule that rivals that of the CEO of a large enterprise. Unfortunately, parents often bring their own disputes to bear upon these activities. In such cases, the one that suffers the most is the child.
Parents often have different views and opinions regarding their child’s talents and how best to nurture these talents. We sometimes encounter the situation where the parent who did not register the child in the activity wants nothing to do with the activity at all.

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family lawyer kanata

Grandparents’ Rights

family lawyer kanataOne of the questions that is asked most often by grandparents is “What are our rights to our grandchildren?”.  The most common answer by a family law lawyer is “It depends”.
Grandparents do not, as a whole, have rights when it comes to their grandchildren as it is a parental decision. However, in many circumstances the grandparents may have rights due to the relationship established with the grandchild(ren).  Even parents do not necessarily have rights, as rights belong to the children.

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