How to Use Your iPad for a PowerPoint Presentation

When I give a presentation to a large group, I like to display PowerPoint slides to outline my topic as I go along and make sure that I don’t miss key points.  I recently bought an iPad and have been experimenting with different ways to use the iPad for this purpose.  It seems like there are dozens of ways to do this.  Just check the App Store or google “PowerPoint iPad” and you will find many possible solutions.  I was looking for a solution that was quick and inexpensive.  All I had to buy (besides the iPad) was a VGA adapter which cost $39 plus tax.
Here are the steps I took:

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A New Twist on an Old Form of Japanese Poetry

Via Twitter, I found an interesting idea loosely based on Japanese Haiku, a form of poetry.Instead of a pattern of 5-7-5 syllables, Matt Holman suggests a pattern of 5-7-5 words arranged in three lines to create a tightly-focused ‘elevator pitch’.
To develop the pitch, Matt suggests answering these three questions:
1.Who do I help? (5 words)
2.What do I do for them? (7 words)
3.Why do they need me? (5 words)

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Don’t Miss This Year’s TECHSHOW!

The American Bar Association’s annual TECHSHOW is fast approaching! This year’s not-to-be missed silver jubilee celebration will be held in Chicago from April 11 to 13, 2011. Continuing its tradition of bringing technology and lawyers together, this year’s show promises to be an information-packed, fun-filled event.
I am thrilled to be co-presenting a session entitled ‘BlackBerry Love’ along with Dan Pinnington of PracticePro. This session will celebrate all things BlackBerry. First, we will offer some tips and tricks for increasing your BlackBerry proficiency and making the most of your smartphone. For example, did you know you can

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Mark your calendars, the American Bar Association’s annual TECHSHOW will be held April 11-13, 2011 in Chicago. This year marks TECHSHOW’s silver jubilee as it celebrates 25 years of bringing lawyers and technology together. As always, it promises to be an information-filled, not-to-be-missed event. Some of the exciting sessions include:

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What Will It Cost — A Discussion About Fees for Legal Work

A discussion about legal fees can be awkward as many of us don’t like to discuss money. However, it is important to have an idea what a professional’s services may cost before the work begins.   In this blog, we explore our approach to this sometimes uncomfortable but essential subject.
By the end of a client’s initial meeting with us to discuss having legal work done, such as the preparation of a will and powers of attorney, we are generally in a position to provide a block-fee quote for one or more options that may have been discussed.  Depending upon the client’s circumstances, we may recommend more than one option and will provide a quote for each option.  Where a client’s estate planning needs are complex due to the assets owned or the family or business situation, it may not be possible to quote a block-fee. 

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The Top Three Apps I’m Most Thankful For

On this day of thanks, I thought I would share with you the three apps I am most thankful for.

Battery Indicator

This is one of my most recent tech utility discoveries and, perhaps, one of the best. It gives you a visual graphic in the taskbar showing (just glance at it – no mousing over it) the amount of time left on your laptop battery.  Over time,  laptop batteries will become incapable of holding a charge if you always have them plugged into the wall. The beauty of this application is that because you can see exactly how much time is left, you can run the battery down and just plug in before it goes totally dead, thus prolonging the life of your battery.

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