will estate familyPersona Law Group has always been, and will always be, about the quality of our work and the personal approach we bring to each of our clients. As part of our ongoing efforts to keep apprised of the latest developments in estates and family law, last month, one of our team members attended an insightful event, kindly organized by the Canadian Bar Association. At the event entitled ‘Dinner with Your Honourable Ottawa Estates Judges’, Judges and a Master of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice shared their valuable observations to lawyers, in order to save the clients’ they serve valuable time and money.
Our Persona Law Group team members strive to provide our estate planning clients with comprehensive Wills and Powers of Attorney documents that will become a true gift to loved ones left behind. Our goal is to prevent estate disputes from ever happening in the future. However, for a myriad of issues, going to court is inevitable for some of our clients who are estate trustees (executors).
Each speaker at the event addressed situations when parties are on the brink of, or in the midst of, estate or family litigation. The following useful tips were noted and shared with all of our team members.
First, one of the representatives of the judiciary shared his insights into the importance of one useful tool of estate administration/litigation – applications or motions to the Court for directions. After receiving such application or motion, the Master commented that he is available to make an order for “any procedure that is just”. For many disputes, this tool could be invaluable to saving both time and money and could lead to a faster resolution of the matter.
Second, another judge reinforced our professional impression of the flexibility of family law processes, as she spoke at length about the most effective use of estate matters that end up in family courts. Most common issues are those of capacity, spousal support, and enforcement of domestic contracts.
Now, equipped with all of this useful knowledge, we are ready to serve you even better!

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