odsp benefits age 65The simple answer is no, not necessarily. However, there will likely be changes to the ODSP income support and benefits that are received.
An ODSP recipient is always required to make all ‘reasonable efforts’ to obtain any monies that he or she is entitled to receive. When an ODSP recipient turns 65, this includes other government benefits such as Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits and Old Age Security (OAS). This is to avoid the duplication of social assistance from different government programs.
As always, any income available to an ODSP recipient is taken into account when determining the amount of ODSP income support he or she will receive. Income includes CPP and OAS. These benefits are considered to be received by the ODSP recipient in the month to which they apply and deducted from the ODSP for that month. Note that any monies received under OAS will be deducted dollar for dollar from ODSP.
Note that an ODSP recipient is not required to apply for early retirement CPP benefits prior to age 65. But if an ODSP recipient chooses to take early retirement CPP benefits, these benefits will be deducted from their ODSP.

What about the other benefits, like drug benefits, that I receive from ODSP?

Each benefit is treated differently when an ODSP recipient turns 65. For example,

  • every individual over the age of 65 is eligible for drug benefits whether they receive ODSP or not;
  • dental benefits, however, will only continue after age 65 if the individual is also receiving income support from ODSP; and,
  • vision care is covered by OHIP once an individual reaches age 65.

We would suggest that an ODSP recipient speak to their ODSP caseworker well in advance of their 65th birthday. It is important that they understand how their ODSP benefits will change when they reach the age of 65 and make sure that they are taking all the necessary steps to obtain any other government benefits that they are entitled to.
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