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Residential Purchase and Sale Commercial Purchase and Sale Leases, Commercial and Residential Agreements of Purchase and Sale

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Estate Planning Preparing and Updating Wills Tax Planning and Estate Trusts Preparing and Updating Powers of Attorney (POA) and Living Wills Business Succession Planning Estate Executors and Trustees of Trusts Probate Avoiding Probate Estate or Trust Administration…

Estate Planning The following links will provide you with some resources to help you prepare for your initial meeting with our office: Do I Need a Will? Saving Probate Fees How Can Trusts Help Me and My…

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It is easy to assume that leaving a gift to someone in your will or naming them as beneficiary of a life insurance policy would have nothing but positive results. Unfortunately, for those receiving benefits under the…


Some people think that because their affairs are simple or their assets are modest, they don’t need a Will. Actually, everyone over the age of 18 should have a valid Will. There are many benefits to having…

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As the parent of a child with a disability, you are likely quite concerned about how your  child will be taken care of after your death. Estate planning for a child with a disability involves special considerations…

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You’ve worked hard to build up a business that supports you and your family. Have you thought about what will happen when you die? Have you thought about how your family will be taken care of? An…

What results can I expect when I work with you to have my Will and Powers of Attorney prepared? From the moment you begin working with me, you can expect that my full attention will be turned…

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Although not a subject many parents like to think about, parents of a minor child (under the age of 18) should consider who will look after their child if both parents die. This decision may be debated…

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