executor estate trustee record keeping

An estate trustee (commonly referred to as an ‘executor’) is responsible for filing income tax returns of the deceased including prior year returns and any necessary estate or trust returns. It is also his or her responsibility…

intestate estate executor bond

Issues surrounding Probate and the Estate Trustees’ Tasks The Court-issued ‘Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee’ (commonly called ‘Probate’) allows the Executor to control estate assets and distribute to beneficiaries. We gather asset and other information to…

rdsp ottawa will lawyer

We offer an administrative and accounting support service to free you from the complex and time-consuming task of being an Executor or Trustee, while ensuring that estate accounting rules are followed. We also calculate compensation for Executors…

If you want to be appointed as a Guardian of a Person with a disability to make medical treatment and personal care decisions for them while they are incapable of doing so, we can prepare and file…

henson trust stittsville lawyer

Definition of a Trust A trust is a legal relationship where the trustee (one or more persons or a trust company) hold property or assets for the benefit of someone else who is called the beneficiary. What…

power of attorney for property transfer day of closing

Our services include drafting or reviewing an offer to purchase (Agreement of Purchase and Sale), preparing all documentation and correspondence necessary, and completing the sale of real estate. Selling Real Estate is a big deal. For most…

henson trust estates lawyer stittsville

General Information for Recipients of ODSP If eligible, ODSP provides people with disabilities with two kinds of support:  income support: financial help to pay for living expenses such as housing and food; and,  employment supports: help to…

power of attorney estate planning

Capacity to make a will or Powers of Attorney When you ask a lawyer to prepare a Will, Power of Attorney for Property, or Power of Attorney for Personal Care, it is important that your ability to…

what is probate fees

We prepare the Court documents which accompany the Executor’s, Attorney’s or Guardian’s accounts when submitted to Court. We can also assist the Executor, Attorney, or Guardian to prepare the accounts so that the records are in Court…

estate ottawa lawyer

Question 1: Almost a year ago, I received a letter from my uncle’s lawyer letting me know that I’m a beneficiary of my uncle’s estate. I still haven‘t received any of my inheritance. What’s taking so long?…

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